Massage Therapies

Maya Spa Massage Duration: 60 minutes: US$120

Our famous Maya Spa Massage uses the movements of the shore side to load you with energy and revitalize and reconnect you to the elements of water, fire, and earth. The massage is based on rhythmic movements that will help you relax and reconnect yourself.

Coco Bamboo Massage Duration: 60 minutes: US$120

80 minutes US$135

This massage uses medium pressure to eliminate tension in muscles and tendons. With the use of coconut oils and bamboo the therapy will help exfoliate dead skin and help blood pressure and circulation to receive an extraordinary feeling of relaxation.

Prehispanic Cranial Sacral Duration: 60 minutes: US$120

Massage technique inherited from the ancient Maya wisdom, returning balance to the system and Cranial Sacral, Shaman's apprentice working in the Duramadre membrane that is responsible for the circulation and reabsorption of cerebrospinal fluid, imbalance and lack of good circulation in this membrane produces frequent headaches, which may originate from the trauma of birth; Returning and open channel flow of Duramadre membrane back to the origin of the faint beating of the head and spinal cord.

Mayan Tendons Therapy Duration: 60 minutes: US$120

90 minutes US$140

Massage Heritage Shamanic working on the connections between the muscular system and skeletal system, problems with tendons or tendonitis that are caused by repeated effort, postural distortion, sudden movements, dislocation of limbs, shock, pain persisting for years, athletes high performance, use of electronic devices, etc ... This ancient technique unlocks energy allowing total relaxation and rearrangement of the tendons by the force of nature Maya.

Maya Massage of Female Organs Duration: 60 minutes: US$130

It is a gift of massage, inherited a Woman Maya where the female organs working through exploration manipulations, massage and generous rearrangement; The imbalance or displacement may be caused by surgery, inflammation, shock or stress the same; Upon returning to balance and release the female organs can return to the origin of Women harmony of creation, in some cases the design is achieved.

Maya Massage Duration: 60 minutes: US$120

80 minutes US$135

This massage is a combination of different stretch techniques to rid of stress and cramped muscles, also includes a special stomach muscle message that helps internal organs.

Royal Mayan Massage Duration: 60 minutes: US$120

80 minutes: US$135

The royal Mayan massage is a therapy that involves different techniques and mediums to deal with emotional, energetic, muscular and internal organ issues. With the use of de-toxins, extracts and herbal plants the body is put threw a royal curing that will help body and soul.

Stressedlegs Therapy Duration: 40 minutes: US$60

This wonderful massage is great to activate the circulation in your legs. By using special pressure techniques and oils the legs are drained of anything blocking the circulation system.

Deep Tissue Massage Duration: 60 minutes: US$120

80 minutes: US$150

This Massage is all about muscular pressure to just push out all kinds of back pains caused by bad posture or elevated stress. A great massage for people that have emotional issues.

Kiropractic Massage Duration: 80 minutes: US$120

The “Kiro” massage involves different stretching techniques combined with friction and pressure that is centered on the spinal cord to make you feel relaxed and removes back pains.

Sports Massage Duration: 60 minutes: US$120

80 minutes US$140

The Sports massage is a wonderful therapy for people that do different sports activities and that have high muscular usage.

Shiatsu Duration: 30 minutes: US$60

This Japanese massage harmonizes the receptor to a total relaxed state by using special finger based massage techniques one can stimulate internal organs and harmonize the chakra’s.

Fusion Massage Duration: 60 minutes: US$110

80 minutes: US$130

Digit-puncture, and reflexology Maso-therapy. This massage merges three techniques in order to achieve an energy restructuring be. Relieves stress, pain and negative emotions through the regulation of the activity of the organs and stimulating mechanisms to eliminate waste from the body. This massage allows the vital energy ("chi") flows freely throughout the body, carrying the patient to a state of physical and mental and emotional balance.

Hot Stones Duration: 80 minutes: US$135

This therapy with warms stones helps you rid yourself of emotional tension. Relaxes and revitalizes. Liberating vital energies and opening the chakras.

Aromatherapy Duration: 60 minutes: US$110

80 minutes: US$140

This therapy involves the use of different herbal extracts and oils. Such as: (Cedar Oil, Lavender Extract and Eucalyptus.) By applying on different areas of the body one obtains a re-lifting energetic cleansing that relaxes all the senses of the body.

"A totally relaxing massage! Wow. It completely de-stressed me."

Swedish Massage Duration: 60 minutes: US$100

80 minutes: US$135

This massage involves various Swedish rhythmic techniques that help any tired or stressed body, medium pressure and revitalizing.

Relaxing Massage Duration: 60 minutes: US$100

This massage therapy of medium pressure will help contracted muscles that have been physically, mentally or emotionally stressed.

Back and Neck Duration: 30 minutes: US$60

Our famous Back & Neck massage is the best anti-stress therapy that focuses on neck, arms and head. Threw friction and focused pressure this massage is just what you need to feel relaxed and fine.

Prenatal Massage Duration: 60 minutes: US$120

80 minutes US$140

The Prenatal massage can relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, and improve circulation and mobility. It's made to the needs of pregnant women after the fourth month of pregnancy.

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